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Pergola Installation Services to Enhance Your Backyard

If you’ve been searching online for “pergola builders near me,” then you’ve come to the right place! Royal Outdoor Living provides expert pergola installation in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding areas. If you are looking to add some definition, personality, and beauty to your outdoor space or would like some more shade or protection in your yard, then all of these goals can be achieved with the construction of a pergola on your property.

Pergolas are a wonderful addition to any outdoor living area and are becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners looking to spruce up their homes. Learn more about these great features and whether a pergola may be right for you.

A pergola is an open outdoor structure resembling an archway that is typically found in yards, gardens, and parks. It consists of several vertical posts or pillars that support the cross beams on the top of the structure, creating an open roof or ceiling. Pergolas can offer support for climbing/trailing plants, including things like grapevines, ivy, and more. They are usually square or rectangular in shape with a flat, level top.

A Brief History of Pergolas

The history of pergolas can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where they were a prominent feature in various architectural styles. The concept of pergolas originated in the Mediterranean, particularly in ancient Egypt and Rome.

Ancient Egyptians utilized pergola-like structures adorned with climbing plants to create shaded walkways and provide respite from the scorching sun. In ancient Rome, pergolas were an integral part of luxurious gardens and open-air villas, offering a serene space for relaxation and social gatherings.

Throughout the centuries, pergolas evolved in design and purpose, becoming popular in different parts of the world. The Renaissance period saw the revival of pergolas in Europe, where they became synonymous with grandeur and sophistication in gardens and public spaces.

Today, pergolas have become a beloved addition to modern outdoor living, combining timeless elegance with functional versatility, creating enchanting havens for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Benefits of Adding a Pergola to Your Property

Pergolas can provide added value to an outdoor space, and come with a host of benefits to any property owner who enjoys entertaining or relaxing outside. Think this simple structure doesn’t have much to offer? Think again! The perks of being a pergola owner include:

  • Added beauty and definition to your outdoor space

  • Shade on sunny days (with the ability to add additional screens/shades for extra protection)

  • Increased privacy in your yard with careful placement and orientation of the structure

  • An affordable, easy to install landscaping solution

  • Low-maintenance, durable, and functional

  • A variety of colors, materials, and styles to choose from to make your pergola the right fit for you and your family

Financing Available for Pergola Installation in Raleigh, NC

At Royal Outdoor Living, we understand that turning your outdoor living dreams into reality should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve partnered with HFS Financial to offer convenient and flexible financing options for your pergola installation needs. With HFS Financial, you can secure financing of up to $500,000, and the best part is that there’s no credit check required! We believe in making the process hassle-free, and with terms extending up to 20 years, you can comfortably manage your payments while enjoying your beautifully installed pergola.

Don’t let financial constraints hold you back from creating the outdoor oasis you’ve always envisioned. Take the first step towards enhancing your outdoor space and learn more about our fantastic financing options with HFS Financial today. Your dream pergola is just a few clicks away!

What Factors Can Influence the Cost of a Pergola?

The cost of a pergola can vary based on several key factors. These include:


  • Size and Design Complexity: The size and complexity of the pergola design significantly affect the cost. Larger or more intricate designs may require more materials and labor, leading to a higher overall cost.

  • Material Selection: The type of materials used in the construction of the pergola plays a significant role in cost determination. Premium materials, such as hardwoods or customized materials, may be more expensive than standard options.

  • Customization and Accessories: Additional features and accessories, such as privacy walls, decorative elements, built-in seating, or lighting fixtures, will contribute to the overall cost of the pergola.

  • Location and Site Preparation: The terrain and accessibility of the installation site can impact the cost. If the area requires extensive site preparation or leveling, it may increase the overall expenses.

  • Labor and Installation: The cost of professional labor and installation services will be factored into the total cost of the pergola.

  • Permits and Regulations: Obtaining necessary permits and adhering to local building regulations can add to the overall cost, as it may involve administrative fees and additional paperwork.

  • Brand Reputation: Pergolas from well-established and reputable brands, known for their quality and craftsmanship, may come with a higher price tag.

At Royal Outdoor Living, we provide transparent and detailed quotes, taking into account all relevant factors, so you can make an informed decision based on your preferences and budget. Our goal is to offer the best value for your investment while delivering a stunning and durable pergola tailored to your outdoor space.

Our team at Royal Outdoor Living can install decks, porches, gazebos, fences – and, yes, pergolas! We are proud to put our decades of industry experience and knowledge to work for you. Let us provide you with a free estimate and discuss with you the dreams you have for creating your own outdoor oasis. You won’t believe how easy the process can be to transform a drab backyard into a fabulous property with a beautiful pergola as the star of the show. Contact us today, and let’s get our pergola installers started on your next project!

At Royal Outdoor Living, we prioritize quality and durability in our pergola constructions. Our pergolas are crafted using premium-grade materials, such as high-quality wood, aluminum, and vinyl. These materials are chosen for their ability to withstand various weather conditions and ensure your pergola remains sturdy and beautiful for years to come.

Absolutely! We understand that every outdoor living space is unique, and we take pride in offering personalized solutions. Our expert team will work closely with you to understand your vision and preferences, allowing us to create a custom pergola design that perfectly complements your outdoor space and meets your specific needs.

At Royal Outdoor Living, we stand out from the competition due to our unparalleled commitment to craftsmanship, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. Our experienced installation team ensures that your pergola is assembled and installed flawlessly, while our focus on customer satisfaction means we’re always ready to address any concerns and provide ongoing support.

The requirement for permits varies depending on local regulations and the size of the pergola. At Royal Outdoor Living, we understand the complexities of obtaining permits for outdoor structures and will gladly assist you with the necessary paperwork. Our team will guide you through the permit process to ensure everything is in compliance with local building codes.

Maintaining your pergola is simple and ensures its longevity. Regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris is essential. Additionally, for wood pergolas, periodic staining or sealing helps protect them from weather elements. Our team will provide you with detailed care instructions and tips to keep your pergola looking beautiful and functioning flawlessly for many years.

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