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Building Decks, Porches, and Outdoor Living Additions

Outdoor Living Space Builders in Raleigh, NC

At The Pro Fixer, it’s our mission to help you absolutely love your home. Whether you’re dreaming of a new deck, looking to replace some windows and doors, or eager to remodel your bathroom, our team has the expertise and tools to make those dreams a reality. With over 45 years of experience in the construction industry and a crew  big enough to handle any job, you’re in great hands with our professional team. Take a look at all of the builds we offer below and learn more about which services may be the right fit for your home!

One of our most popular build requests, decks can completely transform your outdoor space into an extension of your home. If you love entertaining guests without having them spread throughout your house, or simply enjoy spending quiet time outside, having a beautiful deck will open up a world of possibilities. Whether it’s a brand new deck, a partial build, or a refresh of your outdoor space, we can deliver the results you’re looking for. Reach out to us if you’re looking for any of the following services:
Porches and decks are very similar structures, with some important key distinctions. Porches are covered outdoor structures that provide a great space to relax outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions. Oftentimes, people think of porches as structures on the front of the house, but they can really be built on any side of a residence. Most decks can even be converted to a porch to offer greater versatility and usability for homeowners! We specialize in:
Pergolas are arched structures that can expand your outdoor space by providing extra shade and beautifying your yard or patio area. Often, climbing or trailing plants are made to grow up the sides or over the top of the structure to provide shade, or retractable shades or coverings can do the trick. These structures come in a variety of styles, colors, materials, and sizes.
Gazebos are roofed, free-standing structures that can provide a relaxing outdoor retreat on any property. They are best known for offering unobstructed views of the surrounding area, and can either have open or screened-in sides. No matter your style preferences, we can design and build the right gazebo for you!

Let The Pro Fixer Handle Your Project

Indoors or outdoors, we have the experience, equipment, and manpower to tackle your next project. Our custom home build remodeling services are backed by decades of industry experience and a team of professionals that care about our clients. With different specialists for different services, you can feel confident that your property is in the right hands from start to finish. Contact us today to talk about the next project you’re looking to cross off your home remodeling to-do list!